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Does emulation work?

Question for the MCL group (but everyone would be interested in the
answer). How much has MCL emulation been tested?  I ask because today we
tried 3 different MCL applications on a Power Macintosh 6100 and all three
failed. A couple failed with Application 1 errors and one just froze.  They
all got beyond the normal lisp startup and failed later (for example one
failed while loading files).  They all failed near the beginning -- in
their initialization phase -- and before we could do anything interesting.
All three applications use Quicktime at some point, but there was a
Quicktime extension on the machine.  The only other thing we could think of
was a need for SoftFPU?

Maybe the MCL group doesn't want to answer before the Power Macintoshes are
released but others who need to run MCL on the PowerPc should proceed