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What Accelerators Work with MCL and Virtual Memory?

I would appreciate information that other IIci users can give regarding
what Accelerator cards work with Mac Commonlisp and Virtual Memory. I'm
particularly interested in what 040 acclerator configurations have been
tried and found to work with virtual memory, using the MMU4-for-IIci patch
that Apple provides for MCL 2.0.1.

For your info, I've found that the DiiMOCache 50MHz 68030 w/ FPU Accelerator
card for the IIci, has a problem working the MCL 2.0.1 and virtual memory.
I can get 64MB virtual memory and a 50 MB partition for MCL, but not larger
virtual memory configurations. E.g. when I try 128 MB virtual memory and 100 MB
partition for MCL, a system error 7 is generated when I try to load MCL. When
I remove the DiiMOCache card, no error is generated, and I can partition MCL
and virtual memory as large as I like, disk space permitting.

I'm specifically interested in the Daystar 40 Mhz Turbo 040 accelerator card with
FPU and 128 KB cache. Can anyone verify that this configuration works with MCL
using the MMU4-for-IIci patch? Does this card work with large virtual memory,
e.g. 128 MB virtual memory and a 100 MB partition for MCL?

Thanks for your help-- please reply via email to this message, as I don't
check bulletin boards very often.

Phil Jackson