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Re: MCL's gone, now what?

In article <9402212348.AA08728@olympus.net> jwbaxter@olympus.net (John W. Baxter) writes:
>Rich Lynch says,
>>So, now that the death bell is tolling, what should a poor guy do?
>>I've already sunk more into MACL/MCL than I can afford:
>>So, what's it cost to get a decent c environment?  [shudder]
>About the same as MCL.  The decent one seems to be about to be CodeWarrior
>from MetroWerks.

Wrong;  it's much less.  However, you'll have to switch platforms.  Borland
C++ (and we should talk about C++, not C if we're considering switching
from Lisp) v-4.0 is available for around $250 for new users.  Upgrades from
previous versions cost less.  Microsoft Visual C++ is $200 - $500 depending
on whether one gets the 'professional version or standard or 32-bit NT.

The bottom line:  Apple loses sales of their hardware as well as whatever
the MCL sales were.
>Symantec doesn't seem anxious to remove the bugs from Think C.
I don't have the latest version -- mine is 5.0.  It's a nice (not great, just
nice) environment but I use it very little.  Symantec's C++ (C Plus Object)
is too different syntactically from ANSI C++ to make common code to run on
C++ and Symantec's.  I tried.  My code soon became cluttered with all the
#ifdefs ... #elses.  Bottom line:  If switching to C++, go with the leaders
and move to Intel.