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Re: Help: strange pointer with 660av

At 12:34 PM 2/25/94 -0500, Ethan Benatan wrote:
>Hi all and here's to a power-pc port :-)
>I just got a new 660av and it is great except that the pointer in MCL2 had
>turned *really ugly* when I should be getting the I-beam.  It looks like a
>square of tiny squiggles, like a page of written text from too far away to
>read it. Resedit doesn't show any such cursor in MCL2 or anywhere else, and
>I can't figure out where it is coming from. Everything else works fine.
>Any suggestions please?
>Ethan Benatan

Yes, there is a patch for this available from our anonymous ftp server,
cambridge.apple.com, under the directory /ftp/pub/MCL2/patches.  Look
for either "cyclone-cursor-patch" which fixes only this problem, or the
2.0->2.0.1 upgrade which fixes this and several others.