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Re: Subdirectory pathnames?

At  5:43 PM 2/25/94 -0500, Andrew Newell Mickish wrote:
>What is the minimum typing that I have to do to load a file from a subdirectory
>of my home directory?  I have a subdirectory "ps-tests:", which is a subdir of
>the directory from which I started lisp.  If I try (load "ps-tests:test1"),
>I am told that the file does not exist.  But if I type out the entire
>pathname, (load "Macintosh HD:Andy:Garnet:ps-tests:test1"), then it works.
>Even (load "home:ps-tests:test1") does not work.
>Do I have to do a def-logical-directory?  This sounds like more work than
>it ought to be for such a simple procedure.
>--Andrew Mickish

See the documentation for SET-MAC-DEFAULT-DIRECTORY on page 311 of the
manual.  You can do

(set-mac-default-directory "macintosh hd:Andy:Garnet:")

and the (load ":ps-tests:test1")

or even

(set-mac-default-directory "macintosh hd:andy:garnet:ps-tests:")
(load ":test1")