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I need help with a fortran foreign function problem.

I have defined the following _simple_ fortran subroutine:

      real*8 function square(x)
      real*8 x

      square = x*x

I compiled this to the file Simple.f.o with Language Systems Fortran.

      FORTRAN Simple.f

Then, in MCL I executed the following

    :libraries '(#P"FORTRANlib.o")
    :ffenv-name 'fortran
    :replace t)

(defffun (square "SQUARE")
  ((double-float :double :by-reference))
  :double :stack)

Both of these statements execute without a hitch.  However when I call the
function, I get some strange results:

? (square 3.0)

Can anyone explain how I can get the subroutine's return value properly.  I
have succeeded in calling other subroutines and passing arguments by
reference to compute values, but I would like to be able to use functions
as well.

I wasn't sure if my problem was on the MCL side or the Fortran side...