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Re: The Problem WITHIN Apple (was: Future of MCL)

In article <199402261914.AA20503@sigi.cs.colorado.edu> ralex@cs.colorado.edu (Alex Repenning) writes:

   Now here is the part that I cannot understand. If Apple has all THIS money
   to spend for projects that are based on MCL, then how can the same company
   tell me with a straight face that they cannot finance the port MCL to the
   PowerPC? I believe that there is a serious problem within Apple.

Yes indeedy.  Stung by the success of Microsoft and clone makers at selling
product of indifferent quality (at best), Apple execs apparently decided
to mine the existing technology for all it was worth, but to spend only
minimal effort on anything new.  This change has happened within the past
year, so don't pay attention to anything that you might have heard or seen
about priorities a year ago.  (I've heard from several sources that there
is a "Spindler's List" of protected projects, don't know what's on it though.)

begin{shameless plug}
If MCL were free software, then users could port it to PowerMacs themselves
or find somebody they could pay to do it...  Some of us at Cygnus have
thought about supporting CMU's Common Lisp...
end{shameless plug}

							Stan Shebs
							Cygnus Support