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Re: MCL/PowerPC reality check

>On the other hand, I think the reports of MCL's demise have been
>greatly exaggerated.  Here's what Fleischman actually said:
>  As long as there is a market for MCL 2.0.1, we will continue to
>  maintain it, support it, and make it available through APDA and our
>  other resellers.  Our maintenance plans for MCL 2.0.1 include bug
>  fixes and ensuring that it runs on future Macintosh computers,
>  including the Power Macintosh in emulation mode.  However, the current
>  sales volume of MCL does not justify the resources that would be
>  required to continue new feature development on MCL.
No new features. Can you read that?

>I don't believe that the appearance of the PowerPC is going to cause
>all previous Macs to disappear in 1994. Or 1995. Or 1996. Do you know
>when Apple finally dropped the Apple 2E?  Last November.

The Apple IIe was dead long before. The last thing they had
was the Apple IIgs.

I would buy a PowerPC this year. Not next year.

>But let's tone down the high dudgeon: "How could they DO this to us?"
>"Apple abandoned its best product!" and "I'll never trust them, or
>their machines, ever again!"

They have done it over and over again. They don´t provide
the necessary support the developers need.

> System 8 is not being designed to prevent MCL programs from

How do you know that? A future OS might have preemptive
multitasking, memory protection, micro kernel, ...

>and MCL may yet be "rescued"

let's wait and see

Rainer Joswig
Email: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de