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Common Lisp on Macs: Future?

I want to post a remark here-
it seems to me that most readers of this group do not know
about Procyon Common Lisp.
In 1988 or so a UK-based firm, Procyon, released a CL
for the Mac. In 1989 they had the *first* commercial
implementation of CLOS running. (Long before Lucid's
PCL-based CLOS came out.) When compared to MCL 2.0,
Procyon CL has a more Mac-conform user interface.
But direct toolbox access is not as easy as in MCL.
It in fact tries to shield the programmer from 
direct Mac toolbox calls by introducing its own
abstraction layer called Common Graphics. This made
the port to Windows and OS/2 easy, which was done in
1991. All Procyon applications using the Common
Graphics GUI-interface thus were instantly portable
between these platforms.
Then Franz Inc. bought out the whole rights
to market and develop Procyon CL under Windows (they
sell this healthy product as "Allegro CL/PC"! (what a
history for that name "Allegro")).
Procyon was taken over by Scientia, UK, which was one
of the customers of Procyon. They promised to continue
the development of Procyon CL for Mac and for OS/2.

Does anyone out there know whether this is continued
and what it is worth? PPC port in the works? In 1991,
neither Procyon nor Scientia had an Internet address
and since then I heard nothing of them, except they sent
me a new price list in 1992.