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 >What is CMU's development environment like?  On what platforms is it 
 >currently available?  Where can I find more info on it?

There is a copy of CMU Common Lisp on the MCL cdrom, and it's also available
by anonymous ftp (see below). Here's some excerpts from the readme files:

[This information is from the version on the MCL cd. It may be quite out of date.
Please get a newer version from CMU]

                    INTRODUCTION TO CMU CL

CMU Common Lisp is public domain "industrial strength" Common Lisp programming
environment.  It is currently available for Sparcstations and DECstations
(pmaxes) running Mach (or OSF/1).  We are alpha-testing a Sunos SPARC version
and an IBM RT Mach version.
Non-cmu users may get documentation via anonymous FTP ftp to any CMU CS
machine.  All of our files are in the AFS file system.  Here are some suggested
gateway machines:

Log in with the user "anonymous" and your real userid as password.  Due to the
way anonymous FTP access control is done, it is important to "cd" to the source
directory with a single command, and then do a "get" operation.  If you have
any trouble with FTP access, please send mail to ram+@cs.cmu.edu.

This is our user documentation in postscript format:
    /afs/cs/project/clisp/scribe/cmu-user/cmu-user.ps (180 pages)
    /afs/cs/project/clisp/scribe/hem/user/user.ps (124 pages)
    /afs/cs/project/clisp/scribe/hem/cim/cim.ps (96 pages)