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Procyon Common Lisp

> it seems to me that most readers of this group do not know
> about Procyon Common Lisp.
> ...
> Does anyone out there know whether this is continued
> and what it is worth? PPC port in the works? In 1991,
> neither Procyon nor Scientia had an Internet address
> and since then I heard nothing of them

I have used Procyon Common Lisp for years and think it's great.
Ported a 9000 line application, GUI and all, to the Windows
version in about a week.  Alas, the latest Mac version is not
32-bit clean.

I called Scientia last week, but failed to reach their Lisp
manager. A receptionist later sent a fax saying that "an upgrade
is due within the next few months" and included an Internet
address that did not work. Perhaps someone in England could
try to phone them again:  0223 421 221.  They have a Compuserve
account: 100142,341.  (They're in Cambridge.)

These guys delivered an excellent product the first time around.
Add in source-code compatibility with Windows, and I, for one,
won't bemoan the demise of MCL -- *if* Scientia comes out with
a PowerPC version.

John Sotos