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Re: Future Plans for MCL

I, too, would like to express my dismay at Apple's plans to drop continued
development of MCL.

I have been using MCL since release 1.2, at home. I have found it by far the
best environment around for doing normal 'home programming' sorts of work --
much more powerful than HyperCard, yet much less effort and faster turn-around
than MacApp or equivalent.

I have also used MCL as a learning environment for non-programmers, and had
planned to teach my son (now 3) programming using MCL when he's old enough.

MCL is valuable not only because of the quality of the product, but also 
because of the quality and quantity of peer support and useful sample and
production code available through this news group and other sources.

C/C++ may be the dominant commercial development language on the Mac, but
MCL is certainly as or more used in academia and in the home.

C'mon, Apple! I want my MCL!!

Alan Geller