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Re: Need 3D modeling/rendering code for simple objects

At  6:09 PM 2/28/94 +0000, MATTHEW CORNELL wrote:
 >Dear Folks:
 >We're starting a project to teach manufacturing to freshman engineers
 >and we need 3D modeling and rendering routines for simple objects with
 >simple features in MCL (Macintosh Common Lisp). If someone has done
 >some work implementing these we'd love to talk! If the code isn't
 >packaged for external consumption and there's an interest we could
 >help packaging. And if there's a program for another LISP I'd be glad
 >to talk about our helping with modularizing it and porting to MCL.
 >(Note: I found nothing appropriate in the MCL archive.)

Take a look at these, on the contrib site and the cdrom: