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Re: Applications using Foreign Function Interface?

At  6:06 AM 2/28/94 +0000, Calvin Bruce Ostrum wrote:
>How does one create a stand-alone application in MCL that uses the foreign
>function interface?  (By "stand-alone", I mean a double-clickable application
>complete in one file, which does not need to have the foreign function object
>files and/or libraries around to load in).

Calvin and I have already figured out his problem in private correspondence.
It was private because the comp.lang.lisp.mcl -> info-mcl gateway took
two days to get this message to info-mcl.

The short answer is "ff-load your code, then save-application". The
medium-sized answer is that the short answer won't work if your
ff-loaded code depends on the initial values of static variables which
it modifies, and you run any of the code that modifies such static variables
before you save-application. Contact me if you want a longer answer.