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scrolling windows

Hi mac-lispers:

in order to display a chart parsing activity I need 
to create a scrolling window that contains both
button-dialog-items and scrolling-fred-dialog-items
(as in the example below).
Unfortunately, the scrolling window gets pretty
messy when I scroll either horizontally or vertically.

Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Paolo Cattaneo

(require :scrolling-windows)
(require :scrolling-fred-dialog-item)

(defvar *test* nil)

(defun create-test ()
  (setf *test*
        (make-instance 'ccl::scrolling-window
          :track-thumb-p t
          :window-show t
          :window-title "TEST"
          :view-position '(:top 50)
          :view-size (make-point 200 200)))
  (dotimes (i 5)
    (make-sf-dialog (make-point (* i 95) (* i 95)))))

(defun make-sf-dialog (pos)
  (make-instance 'ccl::scrolling-fred-dialog-item
    :view-position pos
    :view-size (make-point 80 80)
    :view-container *test*))