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MCL and PowerPC

I've just read the articles in comp.lang.lisp.mcl and would like to
echo the sentiment that I will not upgrade to the PowerPC unless it
supports Commonlisp.  Office automation software runs fast enough on
a Quadra or a IIci with an 040 accelerator card. The attraction of the
PowerPC for me is the prospect of getting workstation performance in
doing systems development and research in MCL on the same platform that
I can do office automation tasks.

Thus, the availability of Commonlisp (and other powerful systems
development and research tools) will be a controlling factor in which
hardware platforms I migrate to. If Commonlisp is not available on the
PowerPC then I will eventually migrate, probably either to a 586 PC
or even a Sun or HP workstation, running Franz or Lucid Commonlisp.
Like many computer professionals, I would eventually like to own a
supercomputer, and I expect that as hardware performance continues to
evolve,that will be possible. But I won't buy a supercomputer to run
Word or Excel, or even NetHack (though the concept is tempting). I will
buy a personal supercomputer to run Lisp.

So, I hope that Apple will find some vehicle for supporting MCL on the
PowerPC in native (not emulation) mode.

Phil Jackson