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Re: Applications using Foreign Function Interface?

At  5:03 PM 3/3/94 -0500, Iris Denise Tommelein wrote:
>would you please send me the longer answer on how to create
>a stand-alone application in MCL that uses the foreign
>function interface?

I don't have a prepared long answer, though I see now that my
message implied that I do. You won't need a long answer unless the short
answer doesn't work for you. I'll be happy to forward my discussion
with Calvin Bruce Ostrum. It cleared up some of his misconceptions, so it
may help you as well. Have you been using the foreign function interface
and having trouble getting it to work in a saved application, or are
you just curious?

I cc'd info-mcl just so I won't get flooded with mail requesting
my non-existent long answer. Instead of offering a long answer, I
should have said that I'm happy to help out with foreign function
interface questions (though some of you know more about it than I).