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2.0.1 app crashing with egc and virtual memory on

I've just installed 2.0.1 and its crashing on me, apparently whenever  
I try to use both (egc t) and virtual memory. I'm on a IIci, standard  
internal video with the MMU3 patch installed, 8 Meg ram, 32bit  
addressing. The error I get is:
	Bus error at 009FA864
	while reading long word from 0100000E in User data space
	no procedure name

	009FAB64 *MOVE.L $000F(A0),D0

My saved application seems to work if I either don't use VM or I  
don't use EGC.  Any ideas what could be causing the trouble?  My  
2.0p2 applications work fine.

	-Rick Taube
	Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
	Karlsruhe, Germany