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Porting to ACL/PC

We have written a emulation of a subset of the MCL graphics interface in
ACL/PC to be able to port graphical applications from MCL to ACL/PC without
changing the source code (that was the idea of CLIM, but with the last news
about MCL a MCL/CLIM will perhaps never show up).

The software works fine for us, but is written in German style lisp and is
not really documented. Anyhow I put it "as is" as mcl-in-aclpc.sea.hqx on
cambdrige.apple.com in the contrib directory (Binhexed stuffit sea file). A
short introduction is in readme.1st. 

Features are emulation of same mcl-widgets, a bmp-widget, some composed
widgets, some window classes, a class browser and a configuration dialog.

In the near future we hope to port a real spreadsheet-window based on the
array dialog-item too.

Karsten Poeck