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I'm having trouble with MacTCP.lisp since I was upgraded to System 7.1 and
MacTCP 2.0.4

The symptoms are that when a line is sent to the server, it would appear
that it is being resent infinitely, though not at any great speed.

command-. halts the sending, and the server's responses to the given line
are then received.  The responses are consistent with repeated sendings of
the same text.

I have started digging into the code but am about to reach the point where
I don't even know what the code I'm reading is doing, so the print
statements I insert aren't real useful.

I checked the archives for a newer file of MacTCP.lisp but was unable to
find it.  My fasl file is dated Fri, July 2, 1993.

The mac in question is a Quadra 700, and the server software is LambdaMOO
MUDs.  The server itself is a Sparc 1.

Will be trying other hardware to try and narrow it down, but any pointers
appreciated in the meantime.
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu