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Re: Stack Size

At 12:11 PM 3/9/94 -0500, Kalman Reti wrote:
>At  12:45 AM 3/3/94 -0500, Michael D Young wrote:
>>I'm sure this is an old question, but can I increase the stack size, and if so
>>by how much?
>>(Q610 with 8M; MCL running in 6MB)
>>Thanks in advance
>>Michael Young
>>Ohio State University
>I don't know if you got an answer to this already (our info-mcl list was
>off-line for a while), but in the release notes to MCL 2.0, page 5, it gives
>the :stack-minimum, :stack-maximum and :stack-percentage keywords to
>save-application as well as a description of how they are used...

You can also modify an existing MCL application's stack size
by editing the "LSIZ" resource with ResEdit.