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Don't panic

Although I'm deeply concerned by the news about the discountinuation of
MCL, I think there's no reason to panic immediately.

After all, MCL is running very fast and smoothly on current machines,
some applications are running just as fast (or only 30-50% slower) on my
Quadra 700 as under Allegro on our server machine (a 5-processor
SparcServer 1000) (the only applications I can think of which are
comparatively slow on MCL are those which require non-short floats).

It might even run very acceptable in emulation mode on the PowerMacs (I'm
sure it will run smoother than the native MS Word 8-)).  It wouldn't
surprise me if many applications will run just as fast on a PowerMac in
emulation mode as you can run them on a Common Lisp on a Windows/Pentium

So let's keep MCL alive for at least a few months.  In the meantime,
someone - Apple itself or some other company - just _has_ to find out
that a PPC implementation of MCL might be a real winner.

(and to those who have access to a PowerMac: PLEASE tell us,
 at least by next monday :-), exactly how the emulation
 speed is, for instance by posting a few functions with
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