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Re: Sounds

In article <4hTrq1y00iUz48JGR5@andrew.cmu.edu>, "Daniel A. Ferrell"
<df25+@andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:

>     Does anyone have any experience playing "sounds" in MCL.  Sounds
> meaning like one would put in the System suitcase.  Thanks, for any help.

Normally sounds are snd resources in file.
You have to know the resource id of your sound to play it.
The following code plays a resource with id 9632


(require :resources)

(with-open-resource-file (f (choose-file-dialog))
  (let ((soundressorcehandle
         (#_GetResource "snd " 9632)))
    (require-trap #_sndplay (%null-ptr )
                  soundressorcehandle 0)))