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Re: Marketing sleaze, revisited

Dear Franz Inc., Sarah, and other Lisp purveyors;

   I don't get as much time to keep up with vendor advances as I
would like; please feel to contact me by email in response to any of
my Lisp needs you perceive from my internet posts.

   Perhaps it's EMACS RMAIL, or maybe I'm just gifted, but I seem to
have this keen ability to flick my finger on the 'd' key and have
unwanted messages go away.

   I thought Sarah was resourceful and showed the consideration to
focus her message on those she deemed needy rather than doing the easy
thing by blasting to the whole newsgroup.  How many of us blast
messages to entire newsgroups when we know it will be deleted by 98%
of the readers.

-Eric Peterson


Eric L. Peterson
MITRE Corporation
Artificial Intelligence Technical Center
7525 Colshire Dr.
McLean VA 22102-3481

Internet:  eric@starbase.mitre.org
Phone:  (703) 883-6116
Fax:  (703) 883-6435


		  "I never meta-class I didn't like"