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Sibelius Academy, Computer Music Studio SACMUS,
Helsinki, Finland

March 15, 1994.

Dear Sirs
We have been informed that your company might not support Macintosh  
Allegro Common Lisp for the Macintosh PowerPC computers. We find this  
very disturbing, as there is a whole community of musicians in  
Scandinavia in general and at the Sibelius Academy in particular  
using MCL as the self-evident basic tool. We have made a number of  
MCL-based programs, each resulting from years of development. As we  
would like to move to the PowerPC computers sooner than later, we  
hope that the lack of a MCL version wouldn't prevent us from doing  

sincerely yours

Marcus Castren
Mikael Laurson
Pauli Laine
Mika Kuuskankare