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Re: How to convert from PICT to RGN for bounding region clicks

At  3:39 PM 3/15/94 +0000, MATTHEW CORNELL wrote:
>Dear Folks:
>We want to use arbitrary regions to identify portions of a picture for
>use as "hot spots" when the user clicks. We have a PICT but all that
>gives us is the bounding rectangle. What we need is a REGION that
>defines the PICT's outline. Is there a QuickDraw trap to do this? We
>tried opening a region, drawing the pict, then closing the region, but
>that failed because regions don't record picture drawing.

You may be able to use SeedFill or CalcMask (IM IV-24) or the
color versions: SeedCFill or CalcCMask (IM V-71,72) to create
a bit image that will identify hot pixels. I have never used them.