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Wanted: MCL wizard...

.... to discuss possibility of writing a very quick prototype, a combination
organizational modeling tool (ala "groupware") and knowledge-based
hypermedia environment (text only to start). This prototype will be
based on a gret deal of experience and strong theoretical foundations in
these areas.

Don't yet have paying sponsor but many specific possibilities exist.
May have very modest budget for coding to show innovations in GUI as well as
concept in these domains. Proximity to Cambridge, MA, probably essential;
designs are specific but not static and not easily documentable (i.e.,
they rely on a style of presentation and dynamic of interaction that
is tedious to set down, plus they cannot be fixed until a few experiements
are tried).

There are a number of specific applications that I want to go after,
all with the same GUI. I am looking for an individual extremely fast
on the uptake, very interested in the collaborative effort of such
a thing, and very willing to slap down code and see what it means.
Some description of background and my seeing sample code and
running software would be very helpful. I can provide additional details
by phone, or info on my background and company as well. I hacked Symbolics
machines thoroughly from 1983 through 1992 but cannot invest in learning
MCL (especially given its future!). Alternatives to MCL are possible, of course.
Thank you for your patience in this long intro.

Paul Pangaro, Ph. D.        pan@pangaro.com
PANGARO Incorporated     
P O Box 390420              (Premises @ 129 Franklin St, Suite 401)
Cambridge MA 02139 USA      
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