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change for version

 >To: info-mcl@cambridge.apple.com
 >From: yjun@symcom.math.uiuc.edu (Youngcook Jun)
 >Subject: change for version
 >Date: 20 Mar 1994 06:14:24 GMT
 >Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
 >I think someone already posted an article on how to change version
 >for an application. I tried to change it using resedit by changing
 >dialog items but it didn't work. Can somebody explain how to do that again?

The information is stored in the "vers" resource. The easiest
way to edit this is with ResEdit, but you can also write MCL code
to set these values.

For more info, see New Inside Macintosh, "Macintosh Toolbox Essentials",
pages 7-31 to 7-33.

vers ID=0 is obsolete
vers ID=1 holds info for a particular file
vers ID=2 holds info for several related files released as a group

This information is stored in the following fields: 
  version number        X.Y.Z   [max 1 digit for each]
                        XYZ are stored in two bytes in BCD (binary 
                        coded decimal) format. Major Revision stores X, 
                        Minor Revision stores Y and Z.

  Release:      one of    #x20 development 
                          #x40 alpha
                          #x60 beta
                          #x80 final
  Pre-release:  N       [max 2 digits]
  Country-code: C       [Identifies the script system this file is intended for]
  Short version string
  Long version string   [This is visible in Get Info from the Finder.
                         vers=1 goes on the file Version: line, and 
                         vers=2 goes below the product name near the top]