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Document kind for SAVE-APPLICATION; Conversion after prototyping

Three MCL questions:

I use 


to save a copy of the stuff I'm working on so I can 
get back into it without reloading.  My application 
is named, say, MyApp.

The problem is, now every file whose Kind in the 
Mac OS used to be "Lisp document" is now a "MyApp 
document".  Sometimes I want to open an old Lisp 
document and go into plain Lisp, not the augmented 
envinronment of MyApp.  

Even worse, now that I've saved two different 
versions of my application, as MyApp and MyApp2, my 
most recently edited Lisp documents are one-by-one 
becoming MyApp2 documents, while others are still 
MyApp documents.  Now I'm getting "File not found 
messages" when I eval a file that loads other 
".fasl" files -- it can't find them because they're 
no longer the right kind.

Help!  How can I make sure all my Lisp documents to 
remain "Lisp documents"?

I've heard a lot of people mention they "use MCL 
for prototyping purposes" to deliver a slow but 
functional app to the client, and then they convert 
it to some other more efficient language.

How do you do this?  Do you just go back and 
rewrite the whole thing in C, or is there some kind 
of automatic or semiautomatic support to help with 

If there is going to be an MCL 3.0 (or maybe even a 
2.1 or 2.2), which will also run native on the 
PowerPC, then I guess we should all be getting our 
"wish lists" together for features we'd like to see 
added in future releases.

I'd like to see a separate compilation facility 
(i.e., breaking down some of the less-used features 
into a set of separately loadable libraries) so 
that we can pick and choose the functions we want 
to include in the app we deliver to slim it down 
from the current 2 megs minimum.  A lot of 
languages have this -- is there anything about Lisp 
which makes this hard to do?

Thanks for any help!

Scott Alexander
San Juan, Puerto Rico