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:resources in save-application

This question has been asked before -- I've probably done it, even -- but I
don't remember the answer and I'm not having any luck finding it.
Does anyone have an example of using the :resources keyword in
save-application?  Specifically, I have the following scenario I'd like to
1) Make a stand-alone application using save-application.
2) Using ResEdit, delete unneeded resource types from the new app.
3) Using ResEdit, copy all the resource types from another (ResEdit) document
   into the new app.
I'm not even sure when the function I cite in :resources is called -- during
application creation or after?
I go through this three step process every time I create a new version of my
application, and I know darn well There's A Better Way.  I've tried to muck
around with the code in resources.lisp and managed to do some very interesting
things with it but not what I want.
Any hints would be appreciated!