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Re: ppc & mcl

Hi James,
to answer the two part of your questio is :
- you weren't dreaming seeing this discussion, but due to an overflow of
messages (x replications of each messages) the cambridge server stop sending
messages. By chance you miss it ! You can still get these messages on the
news. But on certain aspect you're right, the discussion disapeared. Rick
Fleishman from Apple, announced on Cambridge that MCL will be supported may be
(may be yes may no ???) by a third party. Lots of people reacted, but nothing
new appeared on this subject. I would say in french "c'est le flou integral"
which mean something like we are in a fuzzy fuzzy state. Even now that the
PowerPC is out...
- people announced some tests, but there were very poor due to the emulated
code and no native code.

May be Apple will be cleared within the next coming weeks...or never ??