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Re: AppleEvents (help needed

        Reply to:   RE>AppleEvents (help needed)
Rob Browning <osiris@cs.utexas.edu> asked for help:

> My question is, how can I send an event to open an application
> given its creator code.  I have looked in the appleevent-toolkit.lisp
> and could only see how to create a target for a process that is
> already running.
> For a launch (oapp) event, this is not very useful.

Take a look at the file processes.lisp. In it you will find

(defun select-process (creator &optional (launch? t))
  (rlet ((psn :processSerialNumber))
    (if (find-process creator psn)
      (#_setFrontProcess psn)
      (unless (and launch? (launch-creator creator))

and all required functions.

> --Thanks.

You're welcome.