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Re: info on BETA

>Hi folks,
>does anybody know where I can fing information on the programming language
>BETA (based on patterns, but I am not sure). I heard that there one
>implementation in MCL.

I noticed yesterday (Friday) that Addison-Wesley has published a book about
BETA.  The book includes mail-in cards for demo versions and information
about one commercial implementation...there is a US card (goes to Software
Frameworks) and a European card (goes to Mjolner Informatics ApS [Mjølner,
in Eudoras "quoted printable" form, Mac character set]).  Internet for

[I have the demo on Software Frameworks Association's CD (back issues and
code, plus goodies).]

jwbaxter@pt.olympus.net (John W. Baxter)  Port Ludlow, WA
finger me to prove I'm all wet (Port Ludlow rainfall numbers).