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MCL - AppleEvents - esp. hypercard

Sorry, I can't believe this question hasn't arisen before, and I'm
undoubtedly missing something obvious ...

I'm trying to learn to use appleevents to start and run hypercard from
within an MCL application - and perhaps vice versa. The very first step
I took in this process was load the file appleevents-toolkit.lisp, and
it immediately gives me an error looking for values that it wants to find
in an interfaces index file. They aren't there, and reindexing didn't

I'm doing all of this on a Centris 610 with System 7.0.1

(A) is there some initial step I'm missing?

(B) is there some further examples/application code that's relevant.
A cursory scan of the pub stuff on ftp.cambridge.apple.com didn't yield
anything obvious, but ...

(please reply to me as I'm not a consistant news reader)