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Re: Mouse in scroll bar

>  REGARDING           Mouse in scroll bar
>Is there an easy way to test if the mouse is in the scroll bar?  Or is there
>another solution to the problem we're having?  We are treating each line in
>Fred window as an active object, with a command being executed when the line
>double-clicked.  Unfortunately, when someone clicks too fast in the scroll
>the command is invoked.
>To rephrase my question, is there a way to prevent scroll bar clicks from
>leaking through to the underlying window?

In your view-click-event-handler where you test for double-click, include a
test that where [the mouse-position second argument] is not within 16
pixels of the right side of the window.

If you are doing your double-click test in some sort of dialog-item-action,
move it to view-click-event-handler.

There really is no way to get the window to not get the scroll clicks.

[Actually, the window gets the clicks and passes them on to the scroll
bars, which apparently does its duty and then passes the click onto the
window, just in case.]
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu