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Running MCL under UNIX using MAE

Since if I want to run MCL on a fast machine, it has to be emulated,
any idea if MCL will run on a SPARC 10 using MAE.  Here's the details
om MAE:

Tuesday, March 15, 1994

Apple Announces First Cross-Platform Macintosh Product for UNIX Workstations
    Apple today announced the Macintosh Application Environment (MAE), an
innovative software product that brings the functionality and ease-of-use of
the Macintosh operating system to Sun SPARCstations and Hewlett-Packard
9000 Series 700 workstations.

    With MAE, workstation customers get the benefits of the Macintosh
desktop, including the ability to run most Macintosh applications,
and a close integration of the Macintosh and UNIX operating systems
on their workstations.

    "The Macintosh Application Environment demonstrates Apple's
commitment to making its unique technologies available to a wider
range of computer users," said Morris Taradalsky, vice president and
general manager of the Apple Business Systems (ABS) Division of Apple
Computer, Inc.  "For a long time, UNIX customers have demanded access
to high quality, low-cost productivity applications  P MAE now
satisfies this requirement."

    In May, 1993, Apple announced at its annual Developers' Conference in
San Jose that it would provide the Macintosh environment on other
UNIX platforms  as well as articulating a broader participation in
the open systems market.

SunSoft and Hewlett-Packard Support MAE
According to Taradalsky, an important element of Apple's open systems
strategy is to  develop strategic relationships with leading open
systems vendors.  To this end, Apple today announced agreements with
Sun and HP encompassing joint engineering and innovative cooperative
marketing programs.  As a result of these agreements, MAE customers
will receive integrated customer support, superior product
functionality and the security of knowing that this product has the
full support of Apple and its open systems partners.

    "We are very excited about MAE on Solaris," said Edward J. Zander,
president of SunSoft, Inc.  "Now UNIX users have the freedom to run
Macintosh based personal productivity products they prefer on the
industry's leading UNIX operating environment."

    "MAE represents another important step in the HP Enterprise Desktop
Program, which combines the productivity advantages and ease-of-use
features of the Macintosh with the power of our PA-RISC-based Series
700 workstations,"  said Gary B. Eichhorn, vice president and general
manager of HP's Workstation Systems Group.  "There are tremendous
advantages to a single desktop solution that meets the performance
and application needs, the ease-of-use requirements and networking
preferences of commercial and technical professionals."

MAE broadens market for Macintosh Application Developers
Apple has been working with leading Independent Software Developers
(ISVs) to assure  customers that hundreds of Macintosh applications
are MAE-compatible at introduction.  Some of these developers include
Aldus, Attain, Claris, DeltaPoint, Deneba, Microsoft, Now Software,
On Technology, Quark, WordPerfect, and many others.

Product Description
MAE customers will be able to work with the renowned Macintosh
graphical user interface through the now familiar Macintosh Desktop
and Finder, completely within a UNIX X window.  Customers will have
access to Macintosh System 7.0 features such as Aliases, TrueType,
publish-and-subscribe, AppleEvents, Balloon Help, QuickDraw, and 32-
bit addressing.

    Apple's approach with MAE leverages both the underlying RISC
workstation performance capabilities and superior application
compatibility.  This is accomplished through the use of native
software and optimized emulation.

    MAE closely integrates Macintosh and UNIX, allowing customers to
manipulate directly the UNIX file system from the Macintosh
interface; cut and paste both text and graphics between X-Window and
Macintosh applications and administer UNIX systems through the
intuitive Macintosh interface.  The MAE architecture also supports
workstation devices, allowing access to Macintosh-formatted floppies
and CD-ROMs from existing workstation drives.

    MAE supports the Network File System (NFS), which allows users to
access, display and manipulate remote and local Macintosh, PC and
UNIX files.  Apple plans to add support for AppleTalk to MAE in the

    MAE runs on Solaris 2.3 or HP-UX 9.01 or later, and requires an X11
release 4 or later window display server.  MAE is fully compatible
with HP's Visual User Environment, SunSoft's OpenWindows and OSF

Pricing and Availability
The MAE Apple Price is (US) $549.  Pricing outside the United States
may vary by country.

    In the United States, Apple intends to make MAE available in late
April, 1994 through authorized Apple resellers, distributors and
system integrators.  In Europe and in the Pacific, Apple intends to
make MAE available in May, 1994.