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MCL for PowerPC

  REGARDING           MCL for PowerPC
I don't read this info-mcl list, so please respond to me directly.

My coworkers informed me that there has been talk on the info-mcl list
concerning delays in the "native PowerPC" version of MCL.  They said it was
difficult to separate fact from rumour in these messages.  Now, our company is
about to make some purchasing decisions; we may acquire some new machines and are
looking into buying several Power Macintoshes.  The Macintosh product we are
currently developing is written in MCL.  I have heard that applications that are
not "native PowerPC" will run even slower on Power Macintoshes than on Quadras. 
We need to know if that fact is true.  We also need to know if and when a "native
PowerPC" version of MCL will be available.

Thank you very much.
Nicholas Lubofsky
Metron, Inc.
(619) 792-8904