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Re: CLIM in MCL?

In article <madmac-060494184403@ils-43-mac08.ils.nwu.edu> madmac@ils.nwu.edu (Douglas M. MacFarlane) writes:

   In article <R61tyqQ.edleach@delphi.com>, edleach@delphi.com wrote:

   > Is it posible to use CLIM with MCL. I have version 2.0 of MCL and saw the demo
   > files available from ILA. I tried to call ILA and they are apparently no longer
   > around. I'm just an occasional hacker and would like to avoid having to learn
   > the Mac window inte
   > rface.

   We have CLIM 1.1 for MCL from ILA.  They are still in business, as far as I

Distribution and support for MCL CLIM is provided by Lucid Inc.  You
can reach them at 415-329-8400 or sales@lucid.com.