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Re: Does MCL run on PowerMac?

At  6:04 AM 4/19/94 -0600, stephen strom wrote:
>I guess I have to accept that Apple will not be supporting MCL in the
>future. Nevertheless, I still have a lot of code I have written and plan to
>write in Lisp. 

So do we! ;->

>                       Does MCL run in emulation mode on the PowerMacs?

Yes, provided you don't use VM (the emulator returns a hitherto-unheard-of
MMU type which the released MCL [understandbly] doesn't handle) and if you
turn off the "Modern Memory Manager" in the MEM control panel.  (I have seen
a few oddities running MCL under those conditions as well, but I see oddities
every once in a while on 68K Macs too.)

I'm working on the patch to make it run under VM.  To make it run under the
modern memory manager will require some investigation.

>(I have to presume that even if MCL dies, if the PowerPC market as a whole
>is large enough, somebody else will provide a native Lisp compiler
>eventually. Unless, of course, this is just one more symptom and Lisp is
>dying, along with Fortran.)
>Stephen Strom