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Re: Does MCL run on PowerMac?

In article <01HBCMJU9Z9U000BM0@PASCAL.ACM.ORG> strom@ACM.ORG (stephen strom) writes:

   I guess I have to accept that Apple will not be supporting MCL in the
   future. Nevertheless, I still have a lot of code I have written and plan to
   write in Lisp. Does MCL run in emulation mode on the PowerMacs?

   (I have to presume that even if MCL dies, if the PowerPC market as a whole
   is large enough, somebody else will provide a native Lisp compiler
   eventually. Unless, of course, this is just one more symptom and Lisp is
   dying, along with Fortran.)

As I understand it, the PowerPC =chip= uses the same instruction set
as the IBM RS/6000, for which native Common Lisp implementations
exist.  The question is whether the Power=Mac= market is large enough
to support one or more Lisp vendors.
        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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