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Executing Applescripts from MCL

1. Has anybody written CreateObjSpecifier in MCL? It's not in
the Appleevents interface file, so I assume it's not in ROM.
This function would make it easier to send non-trivial events
to other applications from MCL when AppleScript is not

2. Has anybody sent "run script" (syso dsct) events from
MCL, on systems that do have Applescript installed? If this were
possible, it would be way kewl, because we could then call 
a function like
(run-script "tell application \"FileMaker Pro\"
		get the Name of every Field in Layout 0 of
                Document \"Foo\"
	      end tell")

and it would work!

3. If (2) is possible, we could probably execute scripts faster
by calling OSAExecute et al, but they aren't in the interface
files now. Are interface files for these calls available?