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summary- fastest MAC

REGARDING                summary: fastest MAC
Last week i posted a request for to find out what to buy to get the best 
speed running MCL. Got some replies that i'll summarize below.

Fastest mac is the Quadra 840av:
> I use a Quadra 840av for doing Genetic Programming work in MCL. For
> raw speed, it's the fastest 680x0 based Mac Apple makes. (Adam Alpern)
> If it turns out that a Quadra 840av is the machine of
> choice, your friend better hurry.  Apple has discontinued
> 2 of the 4 configurations that the machine is sold in, 
> and last week's MacWeek says that when current stocks
> of the other configurations are exhausted, they will
> be withdrawn as well. (John Sotos)

Good performance from Daystar Turbo 40: 
> I upgraded my IIci with the Daystar Turbo 40 accelerator, which is a 
> 40 Mhz 68040, and with the Daystar Fastcache 128K cache card. The cost
> was about $1100. Snooper 2.0 benchmarks indicate that in terms of 
> raw computing power, this is comparable to a Quadra 840. I ran a compute
> bound MCL application and found that it completed in 20 seconds on my
> upgraded Mac, 17 seconds on a Sun Sparc 2, and 12 seconds on an HP 735
> workstation, i.e. very good performance for a personal computer compared
> with the workstations. (Philip Jackson)

and a faster accelerator will be available soon:
> In the realm of acellerator cards, Daystar will be releasing 68060
> based cards soon. The 68060 is the successor to the 68040 that Apple
> dropped in favor of the PowerPC chip. To the best of my knowledge, it
> will only be available in a low-power version, so the speed increase
> over the 040 won't be as impressive as one might think, but a 50mhz
> 060 card should be about 75% faster than the 40mhz 040. (Adam Alpern)

Thanks to John, Adam and Philip,