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Re: image linking

        Reply to:   RE>image linking
sure.  i think you'll have to SAVE the image file first, though.  if it's a
PICT file you can just open a window and draw up the PICT using a variety of
methods.  The file in the Examples folder called:  picture-files.lisp will do
the job but if your window ever needs to be redrawn, things get clumsy.  The
more robust solution is to draw the PICT to a gworld and draw the gworld to the
window (lightnin' fast).  

steve casner

Date: 5/13/1994 7:14 PM
To: Steve Casner
From: Abdulrahman Al-Tassan
I am writing a program in MCL in which I manipulate a descrition of an image
(picture). I would like to know if there is a way for me to pop up a window
with the picture after finishing manipulating the text description. (I deal
with 30 images). Thank you.

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