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Re: image linking

        Reply to:   RE>image linking
> (Help) I am writing a program in Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL v2.0) in which 
> description of images/pictures are manipulated. I need help in the
> (1) How can I pop up a window that contains specific image/picture.
I think this one has been dealt with

> (2) I would like to make the program stands alone (double-click-icon
See appendix C of your manual (pp 457 - 465)

> (3) Some of the code is written using Allegro Common Lisp. Some of the 
> variables (of functions) in the code are internal functions in MCL. Is
there a 
> way to avoid conflicting without changing the names.
Each common lisp implementation has a set of features which are listed in 
the variable *features*. The list of features for MCl 2.0 e.g. is (:CCL
You can use the syntax ":#+feature form" to have code read under the 
condition that "feature" is part of the features of your lisp.
If you evaluate the following code in MCL you'll find that test1 gets only 
defined for MCL.

;;; mcl dependent def of test1
#+:ccl-2 (defun test1 ()
          "Macintosh Common Lisp")

;;; Allegro Common Lisp dependent def of test1
#+:acl-pc (defun test1 ()
          "Allegro Common Lisp")

This way you can  adapt your code to load only the appropriate defs
See C"ommon Lisp the Language", second edition, by Guy Steele, pp 531 - 540,
for a more detailed description of the #+ macro and others.

> Thank you.    

You're welcome.