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Recursive printing errors

Are there any special considerations to observe when relying on MCL's
load-on-call mechanism?  I found that I have to explicitly call REQUIRE or
ccl::REQUIRE-INTERFACE to load a library file before invoking one of the
functions defined in the file.  If I fail to issue the REQUIRE first, I
get a "recursive printing error" that scrolls eternally on the screen
until I do CMD-. (abort).  I wonder if the fact that I'm using a saved image
in a different directory from the MCL folder has anything to do with it?

I get the same "recursive printing error" if I make a typo when invoking
a trap call, like if I do (#_PaintRectangle ...) instead of #_PaintRect.
This is quite trivial for me to reproduce.  I think that there are also
problems if I require a library file that I have not yet compiled.  Apparently
it is left up to the MCL user to compile library files that will be used;
is there any MCL function that would make identification of required files
easier, and automate their compilation?

--Andrew Mickish