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Some contributers to this net have said that they plan to continue to
develop applications in MCL, but will deliver in another programming 

(With MCL unlikely to be ported to the PowerPC, and with the current
minimum application size of applications created in MCL being well over 
a MB!, this strategy makes good sense to me.)

But how to proceed? 

If developing in MCL and delivering in C:

	-Are there LISP->C cross-compilers that are worth using?  
	-Can one get access to these w/o BUYING one?
	-Does the resultant C code require much debugging?
	-What 'C's will run both in IBM implementations and will be 
	 ported to PowerPC?
	-Which of these 'C's are recommended for creating interfaces?

If responses are sent directly, I will summarize. 


David Evan Jones
Music Department
University of California Santa Cruz