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Re: Quadra 840 vs. Quadra 650

At  9:16 PM 5/22/94 +0000, Byron Davies wrote:

>Also, we lost another 20% to EGC.

Not surprising. EGC often buys shorter pause times at the expense
of longer total compute time. The tradeoff depends on the consing
behavior of your program (and, no, I don't know any general rules
about this).

>    Finally, there is an extraordinary
>hit in performance when we launch the MCL application from a file
>server -- in this case, the MCL application can't keep up with normal
>type-in.  I would have thought that once the application was launched,
>it would be running in local memory, but it feels almost as if it is
>paging across the network.

Unless you do something about it, MCL keeps a large number of its
functions on disk and swaps them in on demand. They will be flushed
from memory when the garbage collector runs. To preload everything
and ensure that it doesn't get swapped out:

(purge-functions nil)

If you (save-application ...) after executing those two forms,
the result will load faster than if you execute the two forms
as a startup function.