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Re: MCL & Hypercard

At  3:02 PM 5/20/94 +0000, FARON Catherine Equipe Ganascia wrote:
>I'm looking for someone who could give me some information about
>building a hypercard interface for a MCL program with the use of
>Applescript langage to comunicate.
>More precisely, I manage to activate the MCL application from Hypercard
>application using the RUN applescript instruction and also to open MCL
>files but I have no idea about how to load a file, how to get the result
>of a MCL function, how to manage interaction between a MCL function and
>the user through Hypercard ...
>I would be very pleased if someone could give me any information.
>Thanks a lot.

The easiest thing to do is to send "EVAL" events. The MCL "EVAL"
and "DOSC" handlers are implemented by the file "ccl:examples;eval-server.lisp".
The following comment is at the end of the file
"ccl:examples;appleevent-toolkit.lisp". This method will work
whenever you can cons up a string for MCL to read/eval/print.
To send more specialized events, you'll need to write an MCL handler

; To communicate from HyperCard to MCL, try typing the following two lines
; to the message box (after loading the file "ccl:examples;eval-server").
;  request "(print (+ 1 2))" from program "MCL 2.0"
;  put it
; "3" will be printed in MCL's Listener and in HyperCard's message box.