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Responses to LISP->C

Responses to the following query are posted below.  Thanks very much
for several useful comments.  David Evan Jones/UC Santa Cruz

>Some contributers to this net have said that they plan to continue to
>develop applications in MCL, but will deliver in another programming 
>(With MCL unlikely to be ported to the PowerPC, and with the current
>minimum application size of applications created in MCL being well over 
>a MB!, this strategy makes good sense to me.)
>If developing in MCL and delivering in C:
>	-Are there LISP->C cross-compilers that are worth using?  
>	-Can one get access to these w/o BUYING one?
>	-Does the resultant C code require much debugging?
>	-What 'C's will run both in IBM implementations and will be 
>	ported to PowerPC?
>	-Which of these 'C's are recommended for creating interfaces?