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PowerLisp 1.1

Here's a cool thing I picked up at WWDC last week. I met the author,
Roger Corman, who handed me a floppy and gave me permission to post
this. Despite the name, it is not native on PowerPC!

It's available by anonymous ftp from

and also on Applelink in the MCL support area.

PowerLisp Introduction and Licensing

PowerLisp 1.1 is the second public release of PowerLisp, a Common
Lisp development environment for the Macintosh. It consists of a
Common Lisp interpreter, native-code 680x0 compiler, 680x0 macro
assembler, disassembler, incremental linker and multi-window text
editor. It requires a Macintosh with at least a 68020 processor
and system 7.0 or later. About 2 megabytes of RAM are required to
run it, and to do much with it you need more like 5 or 6 megabytes.
Like any Common Lisp system, the more memory the better.

PowerLisp has the ability to run in the background. While executing
a Common Lisp program, the user may switch to another application
as it continues to run.

PowerLisp is extremely fast. All compiled PowerLisp functions
execute as native 680x0 instructions. The speed is comparable to
other fully compiled languages.

PowerLisp programs execute in the background, while you are
using the system. All editor functionality is fully available while
you are compiling or otherwise executing Common Lisp programs. I do
not know of another development environment on the Macintosh that can
do this. Of course, you can also use a different application while your
programs execute.

PowerLisp is being released as shareware. I expect to release regular
updates, which will include new features and bug fixes. The frequency
and scope of these will depend on the amount of interest there is in
the product. I encourage everyone who finds this product useful to
send me the shareware fee (see Licensing, below) and register your
copy. Even if you don't elect to register it, I appreciate
correspondence via e-mail or otherwise letting me know what you think
of it.

The documentation is currently sparse, because of my time constraints.
I intend to produce better documentation in the near future. For now
the general information below will have to suffice. Please check this
product out. I believe it offers extraordinary value for the price.
The primary alternative for Lisp programming, Macintosh Common Lisp
from Apple, is an excellent product. PowerLisp cannot compete on features
or performance with Macintosh Common Lisp. It is, however, one tenth
the cost ($50 as opposed to $500). I feel there may be a niche for a
low-cost, small, easy-to-use product like this.

I enjoy programming with PowerLisp, and I hope you will too.

Roger Corman


PowerLisp is distributed as shareware. I reserve the copyright to
the executable application, as well as the source code to the compiler,
assembler and library functions. I am asking $50 for the right to use
one copy of PowerLisp. If you find this program useful, please send a
check for this amount to the address below (under Registering Your
Copy of PowerLisp). If you are a teacher, and are interested in using
this for a class, please contact me. I am prepared to offer a very
reasonable licensing arrangement for classes. Unlicensed copies of this
system cannot be legitimately used in a class setting otherwise.

I have spent a considerable amount of time developing this program.
I may elect to spend a lot more time on it, but only if licensing
fees received warrant it. I do not expect a huge response to a program
of this type, but each license fee I do receive will have a definite
impact on the amount of time I will spend improving it.

You may share this program with others. You may not redistribute it
for profit, nor make any changes to it, without the permission of
the author.

PowerLisp 1.1

License Price:                  $50.00 US

What You Get:

*       On receipt of your check, I will forward you any the most
        up-to-date information I have   regarding bugs, new versions and
        features. You may also receive a beta pre-release version on
        floppy disk.

*       You will receive at least one free major update by mail. I will
        send registered owners a copy of a new major revision as soon as it
        is available.

*       If you send a list of requested additional features, I will do my
        best to implement them as soon as possible. I will then forward
        you a courtesy copy.

*       I will attempt to help with any problems you have and answer questions.
        I can only offer limited phone support. The preferred method of
        contacting me is via e-mail or US mail. I will answer all mail
        communications as soon as possible.

*       If and when I decide to convert this to a commercial version
        (non-shareware) licensed owners of the shareware version will
        be guaranteed a special arrangement. This would likely be a free
        or at-cost license upgrade to the commercial version.

Registering Your Copy of PowerLisp

Send a check for $50.00 US to:

Roger Corman
2124 Cummings Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

You may contact me by mail to the above address, or via e-mail or
telephone (see below). Along with the fee, be sure to send me
your address (and phone number if you don't mind). Also I would
appreciate a mention of which version you have, what your system is
like, and any comments you have. A wish list of product improvements
would also be welcome.

America Online:


(707) 528-3321  (evenings and weekends)
(707) 575-4024  (days)
(707) 528-7477  (fax)